logo1.jpg    Conquering neurodegenerative disorders and cancer is the key challenge for medicine in the 21st century, requiring an understanding of the pathogenesis of these disorders to establish new treatment modalities. Groundbreaking research has begun for both of these diseases worldwide, and the next decade will be a crucial period for the task at hand. The urgent need is to fight these disorders from a global perspective, and train world-class young researchers. We in our previous 21st Century COE Program have demonstrated the deep involvement of functional molecules common to the pathogenesis of both neurodegenerative disorders and cancer, and targeting these molecules through interdisciplinary approach with researchers in other fields has produced many novel research findings. Integrated research into these two disorders has led to achievements on the highest international level and the cultivation of many outstanding young researchers. Our Global COE program will further develop the educational and research concepts that we have established through this approach, and will further aim to form a new COE program, "Integrated Functional Molecular Medicine for Neuronal and Neoplastic Disorders". Further pursuit of the functional molecules involved in both neurodegeneration and cancer, and the promotion of interdisciplinary research based on these findings, will help to pave the way to clinical applications. We intend to foster creative and independent researchers with a global mindset for the generation to come. The Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, together with the neighboring institutes, National Institute for Longevity Science and the Aichi Cancer Center, will bring together world-class researchers with the aim of creating a major educational and research program. This program will to train international, next-generation leaders to target and overcome neurodegenerative disorders and cancer as never before.



Opportunities available: We accept applications for "Invitation Program for Young Foreign Researchers". Please refer to the page of opportunities.